Green-Woodpecker Larger Picture

Green-Woodpecker Larger Picture illustrates Nick's exquiste attention to detail.

As a collector, and lover of wildlife you can imagine the passion Nicholas has for wildlife birds.

When Nicholas Was a child, he used to watch a Green Woodpecker feeding on ants on his grandmothers lawn. Since the Green Wood Pecker is such an illusive bird, he was overawed when that rare occation occured.

This memory has inspired the pictured to your left. With the fantastic colours of the Woodpecker and it's illusive behaviour

The detailed image illustrates the artist's unique style and medium.


  • This print is set on acid free mount on superb quality paper with fast inks to guarantee total colour strength for at least 80 years under normal conditions, measuring 15" by 12" (38cm by 30.5cm).
  • All Nicholas Day prints are signed and numbered limited editions,a single edition is no higher than 50 this adds to lasting value of prints collected by this talented artist.

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